What is the Church’s view on abortion?

The Church believes that the abortion of an unborn child is a sin. It is also a sin to murder a child that has already been born. This is taught in our scriptures and tradition. Additionally, it is the Church’s belief that Our Lady of Fatima was speaking about abortion and the lack of respect for marriage and the divine institution of the family in general when she spoke about the destruction of families.

At the same time, the Church recognises that there are grave situations that must be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. In some situations, if the mother’s life is at risk of giving birth, or caesarean delivery is not possible, then allowing the child to be removed from the womb or body is permissible. Those faced with such a horrendous decision should pray and seek religious counsel before committing to abortion. In the latter case, the parents will not be judged by the Church and members of the parish should refrain from judgement and negative comments. In most cases, the mother is experiencing a life-changing trauma and will need encouragement in the aftermath.

Members who are careless about their sexual activity and who use abortion as a means of convenience will likely be ex-communicated. The Church does not condemn the use of contraceptives.