What is the Church’s view of ecumenism?

The Church of Jerusalem is committed to spreading the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the world. It is our belief that most ecumenical ties lead to heresy and apostasy. As such, the Church does not wish to participate in any ecumenical committees or associations.

On the other hand, the modern-day Roman Catholic Church (post Vatican II) makes a great effort to promote unity between all religions, including heretical Christian sects and pagans. The Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity has a false understanding of Jesus’ prayer concerning unity (John 17:21). The Church of Jerusalem believes that ecumenism can cause the loss of God’s favour upon those who participate in such efforts. One can not unite the light with the dark. (John 1:5)

It is impossible to please God while at the same time having respect for the theological and cultural differences of religions that wish to persecute and murder Christ’s people. While we certainly do not have hatred for other Christian religions, we do not wish to be united with them or participate in their errors.