What is the Catholic view of the Bible?

The Catholic Church views the Bible as the inspired word of God, written by human authors under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The Church holds the Old Testament and the New Testament as sacred scriptures (this includes the Deuterocanonical books), and believes that they are central to its faith and serve as the foundation for its beliefs and teachings.

The Church recognizes the authority of the Bible, but also recognizes the authority of the Church, which it views as being guided by the Holy Spirit in its interpretation of the Bible. This means that the Church has the responsibility to interpret the Bible in light of its teachings and traditions and to provide guidance to Catholics on how to understand and apply its teachings to their lives.

Additionally, the Church recognizes the importance of tradition and revelation in interpreting the Bible and thus believes that tradition and revelation are an essential part of understanding the scriptures.

In summary, the Catholic Church views the Bible as the inspired word of God and recognizes its authority while also recognizing the authority of the Church in interpreting its teachings.

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