What is the Catholic view of salvation?

The Catholic Church teaches that salvation is a gift from God that is offered to all people through our Lord Jesus Christ. According to Catholic belief, salvation is the means by which people can be reconciled to God and achieve eternal life with Him in heaven. This reconciliation is made possible through the death and resurrection of Jesus, which provides a path for people to receive forgiveness for their sins and be freed from the power of evil.

Instead of a one-time experience, salvation is a process that begins with an individual’s conversion to the faith and continues throughout his or her life. This process involves a deepening of one’s relationship with God through prayer, the sacraments, and service to others, as well as a continuous effort to grow in holiness and strive for moral perfection.

Ultimately, the Church teaches that salvation is dependent on God’s grace, which is offered freely to all who turn to Him in faith and seek His help. While people are required to make an effort to cooperate with God’s grace, the Church recognizes that it is ultimately up to God to decide who will be saved and that salvation cannot be earned through human efforts alone.

In summary, the Church of Jerusalem views salvation as a journey or process that involves both divine grace and human effort. God desires to save all humanity. However, individuals must respond to this offer of salvation through faith, repentance, and cooperation with God’s grace.

We emphasize the role of the Church and the sacraments in the process of salvation. The Church is seen as the Body of Christ and the means by which individuals receive God’s grace and participate in the life of the Holy Trinity. The sacraments, especially Baptism and the Eucharist, are viewed as encounters with the living Christ that impart grace and bring about spiritual renewal.

Good works and obedience to God’s Commandments are also considered essential for salvation, as they demonstrate a person’s faith and cooperation with God’s grace. While good works and obedience do not earn salvation, they are the natural result of a life transformed by the grace of God.