What is Discernment?

In the Church, discernment refers to the process of making a decision or determining the will of God in a particular situation. It is a spiritual practice that involves paying close attention to one’s thoughts, feelings, and experiences in order to gain a deeper understanding of what God is asking of us.

Discernment can be applied to various aspects of life, including personal decisions about vocation, career, or relationships, as well as decisions made at the communal level, such as those related to the direction of a particular ministry or organisation.

The process of discernment involves prayer, reflection, and consultation with trusted individuals, such as spiritual directors or advisors. It also involves listening for the promptings of the Holy Spirit and discerning what is in line with God’s will and what is not.

Discernment can be a challenging process, as it requires openness to the movement of the Spirit and a willingness to set aside our own desires and plans. However, it is considered a valuable spiritual practice in the Church, as it helps us to align our lives more closely with God’s will and to live in greater harmony with his plan for our lives.