What is an anti-pope?

An anti-pope is a person who claims to be the legitimate pope of the Roman Catholic Church, but who is not recognized as such by the Mother Church. Anti-popes usually arise when there is a disputed election or succession to the papacy, or when there is a split within the Church due to heresy or other sinful issues. Historically, there have been a number of anti-popes.

Anti-popes are not recognized as being divinely appointed or elected and are not considered to have legitimate authority over the Catholic Church. Their actions and teachings are not considered to be binding on Catholics. Some traditional Catholics use the term “anti-pope” to distinguish false claimants to the papacy from legitimate popes.

The Church of Jerusalem realizes that there have been several bad popes in the history of the Roman Catholic Church. Not all of these are recognized by the Church to have been legitimate popes, in other words divinely appointed to their seats, or at other times they were excommunicated due to their heresies or actions. Anyone who asserts authority over the entire Body of Christ, besides our Lord Jesus Christ Himself, is making a false claim as to his authority. The Church does not recognize Jorge Mario Bergoglio (“Pope” Francis) as being divinely appointed. It is our belief that the anti-pope Bergoglio is causing many Catholics to become confused, leading them astray to the path of hell. We ask all members of the Church to pray for his conversion and resignation so that the Holy Spirit may properly appoint a true pope.