What is a clown Mass?

Dear Fathers,
I have read different Traditional Catholic blogs about clown Masses. Where did this originate? Is this something ACCoJ would approve of?

Dear reader,
A clown Mass, also known as a circus Mass, is a form of “Mass” that incorporates elements of circus performance, including clowns, acrobats, often immodestly dressed people and other performers. It spawned from the 1960s and 1970s as part of the liturgical reforms of the Second Vatican Council, which encouraged experimentation with the liturgy, eventually tossing out the sacred Mass.

Proponents of the clown Mass pretend that their blasphemy makes the Mass “more accessible to young people” because they find the ancient Traditional Mass dull or unappealing. Clown “Masses” trivializes the sacred nature of the Holy Mass and reduces it to a form of entertainment instead of worship.

The Ancient Catholic Church of Jerusalem upholds the sacredness of the Traditional Latin Mass and forbids the use of “clown Masses” or any type of entertainment within the church. We do not believe that “clown Masses” are real Masses in any shape or form.