What does it mean to examine our conscience?

Examination of conscience is a spiritual practice of the Church that involves reflecting on one’s thoughts, words, and deeds in order to evaluate whether they align with the values and beliefs of the Bible and the Church.

This practice is usually done before the Sacrament of Confession, but can also be done on a daily basis as a means of personal growth and self-improvement. During an examination of conscience, a person considers their actions in relation to the Ten Commandments and other moral teachings of the Church and asks for God’s forgiveness for any wrongdoing.

The process typically involves taking a few moments of quiet reflection and prayer, reviewing one’s thoughts, words, and actions, and asking oneself questions such as “Have I been truthful and honest?” “Have I been kind and charitable?” “Have I respected others’ rights and dignity?” “Have I been faithful to my commitments?”

The ultimate goal of the examination of conscience is to identify areas where one can improve and grow in their spiritual life and to ask for God’s grace to help them do so.