Transgenderism and various birth conditions such as chromosomal abnormalities

It is the thought of the Holy Synod that “transgenderism” is often an idea pushed upon children by various factors in society. These factors could be parents, other family relatives, society in general, television and other forms of media and the internet.

It is the thought of the Synod that children should not undergo transgender therapy. The Church believes that, in most cases, a person’s gender is determined by the reproductive organs with which a child was born. It is furthermore believed that “gender re-assignment” in most cases, is sinful and that it leads to confusion and eventual mental breakdown of both children and many adults.

Concerning various birth conditions, the Church recognises that there are very real issues in some births such as a child having both male and female reproductive organs, or a child born with male chromosomes but with female reproductive organs. In these latter cases, compassion needs to be practised. Such individuals should not be made to feel as if they are not welcome as members of the Church or that they are not worthy. They too are children of God.