Statement on Pornography

The Catholic Church of Jerusalem views pornography as a grave moral evil that is harmful to individuals, families, and society. The Church teaches that pornography degrades the dignity of the human person, objectifies and exploits others for sexual pleasure, and fuels unhealthy desires and behaviours.

According to Catholic teaching, all sexual activity must be an expression of love between two people who are committed to each other in marriage. Pornography is seen as a form of lust that reduces sex to a selfish act of gratification, rather than an act of self-giving love. Additionally, the Church teaches that pornography can have negative effects on the mental and emotional health of individuals, and can contribute to the breakdown of marriages and families.

The Church calls for a society that respects the dignity of the human person and promotes the common good and encourages individuals to avoid pornographic materials and to work to create a culture that is free from such forms of exploitation and degradation.

(February 1, 2023)