Statement on Anti-Semitism

The Ancient Catholic Church of Jerusalem condemns all forms of anti-Semitism and extremist ideological beliefs. We view the term “anti-Semitism” just as we do the word “racism.” The Catholic Church of Jerusalem believes that Jews have a covenant to uphold between them and God the Father. We recognise that there are corrupt Jewish organisations, just as there are corrupt Christian organisations, churches and other religious institutes. However, such a belief does not permit any member of the Church to practice persecution.

Sadly, there are some dangerous religiopolitical sects that have been identified as “radical traditionalist Catholics” by other religious groups and by government institutes. There are certain Jewish sects in Israel who have become terrorists against their own Jewish brethren. We do not condone any form of terrorist acts brought against any person, organisation or church regardless of their belief system. Violence should never be used by Catholics or other Christians.

At the same time, we recognise that the State of Israel is not perfect, just as no other human government is perfect. We believe that God is bringing about the fulfilment of prophecy in the land of Israel, but He is not using corrupt forms of Zionism to accomplish His will or purpose in the earth. We can only support Israel as long as it is faithful to the worship of Almighty God.

It is our belief that Israel will eventually be converted to Christ and recognise Him as the Son of God – the Jewish Messiah of Israel. While we believe in sharing the Gospel with everyone, regardless of their faith, we can not condone forced conversion or scare tactics that have been used by the Roman Catholic Church in the past. We pray for both those who have been affected by their persecutors and for those who have sinned against their fellow men. It is our belief that when one persecutes Israel, he is also persecuting Christ. Anyone worth their weight in salt knows that Jesus Christ, the Blessed Mother, Joseph and the early Church were Jewish. When we separate first-century Judaism as taught in the early Church, we disown Jesus and his family. It is the Lord’s family that remains as the head of the Church. The Church can not exist without the Lord’s family. Those who think otherwise are not only anti-Catholic but are also anti-Christ and are no different than the misguided Protestants. Israel, not rabbinic Judaism, and the Catholic Church are intrinsically connected.

Additionally, it must be stated that, while we believe the importance of being charitable towards Israel and all peoples, we do not believe it is wise, or Godly, to have ecumenical ties with other religious bodies, including any traditional Catholics who harbour hatred toward other peoples.

Some of the organisations that have been identified as “radical traditionalist Catholics” have also promulgated white supremacy. This is painfully evident from their posts on various social media platforms. The Church of Jerusalem denounces any individual, movement or organisation that attempts to lift one race above another. We believe that all races of people are equal.

All those who profess faith in Christ as their Redeemer and King should be charitable towards all peoples, regardless of their ideology. Christ teaches us to love and pray for our enemies.

(February 12, 2023)