Communiqué on Simple Vestments

This communiqué is specifically meant for those parishes or monasteries that can not afford regular vestments for the clerics.

When celebrating Mass, a priest should wear a plain white alb with or without a cincture. The stole should be simple and match the current liturgical colour if possible.

A monastic priest should wear a black alb with a stole of the appropriate colour. A cincture is not necessary.

A deacon should wear a white alb with a grey stole and cincture.

Stole Colors:

  • White (or gold if necessary)
  • Purple
  • Rose (can be white if necessary)
  • Red
  • Green (dark green)

See the Lectionary for more information about dates for specific colours. There are also various occasions that would require different colours even if it is not within the same season—for example, weddings, baptisms, etc would be white, even if the season is green.

(January 25, 2023, Updated February 13, 2023)