The Beauty of the Traditional Latin Mass

In silence and reverence, we gather today
To celebrate the beauty of the ancient way
The Traditional Latin Mass, so solemn and true
Brings us closer to God, and His love renewed

Oh, the beauty of the Holy Mass
With its timeless prayers and sacred chants
We lift our hearts and minds to the Lord above
In this ancient liturgy of faith and love

The priest offers the sacrifice on our behalf
In the language of our fathers, a sacred staff
The mystery of faith is made manifest
As Christ is made present on the altar, blessed

The music of the choir, so angelic and pure
Uplifts our souls to heaven, where all is secure
The smell of incense, a reminder of prayer
As we join the heavenly hosts, in love and care

Through the Traditional Latin Mass, we learn to adore
The majesty and glory of our God, evermore
Our faith is strengthened, our souls renewed
In the beauty of this liturgy, so ancient and true

So let us embrace this beauty, with hearts full of joy
As we offer our worship, our praise, and our deploy
To the God of all creation, who loves us without end
In the beauty of the Traditional Latin Mass, Amen.

(Sr. Maria Miller)