St. James Bishop of Jerusalem

Saint James, the Bishop of Jerusalem,
Apostle of Christ, in whom we find redemption,
A martyr for the faith, a beacon of light,
A guide to all who seek the path of right.

As Bishop of Jerusalem, you led the way,
Through trials and tribulations, day by day,
You fought for justice and righteousness,
And inspired others to do their best.

Your teachings and your wisdom still inspire,
To live our lives with faith, hope, and desire,
To love our neighbors as ourselves,
Working towards holy peace and spiritual health.

O St. James, may we follow in your blessed way,
And serve our Lord with faith each day,
May we find strength in His Holy Name,
And forever be part of Christ’s loving flame.

O Saint James, we lift our voices high,
In thanks for you, we sing with joy and sigh,
A servant of God, your life was pure and true,
In all we do, we look to follow Christ and you.

(Sr. Maria Miller)