Holy City Divine

There’s a place in this world so sacred and true
Where believers in Christ come to renew
It’s the Holy Church of Jerusalem
Where miracles and wonder never end

Through the ages, this church has stood
A symbol of hope and faith understood
From the Old City to the Mount of Olives
The holy land where God still lives

In the Church of the Holy Sepulchre
We find the Cross where Jesus suffered
We pray and chant, our voices raised
Our souls filled with love and grace

So let us come together, all as one
To the Holy Church of Jerusalem, where God’s love is done
Let our hearts be filled with love and light
In the Church of the Holy Land, where all is right

Oh Jerusalem, Holy City divine
Where the faithful come to seek a sign
In the Church of the Holy Land
We find peace and love so grand.

(Sr. Maria Miller)