Forty Holy Martyrs

In ancient times, a tale was told
Of forty martyrs brave and bold
Who stood for what they knew was right
And faced the cold and bitter night.

In Sebaste, once a land of peace
The Roman emperor sought to seize
The hearts and minds of all his land
And crush the faith of every man.

But forty soldiers, strong and true
Would not renounce the Lord they knew
They stood together, side by side
And with their faith, they did abide.

The emperor’s rage was swift and sure
As he commanded them endure
The icy waters of a lake
Or else their lives, they would forsake.

The soldiers stripped and made their way
Into the frozen depths that day
And though their bodies shook with cold
Their spirits strong, they did uphold.

One soldier, weak, began to stray
And left the water’s freezing spray
But then a vision did appear
Of forty crowns, both bright and clear.

He quickly ran back to the lake
And joined his comrades, for the sake
Of faith, and love, and loyalty
To God, who was their destiny.

Their bodies weakened, one by one
As frostbite set and darkness spun
But still their spirits did not break
Their love for Christ, they did not shake.

Their legacy still lives today
Their faith and courage on display
For all who seek to follow Christ
To walk in love and sacrifice.

(Sr. Maria Miller)