Apostle of Ireland (St. Patrick)

Apostle of Ireland, St. Patrick divine,
With love and with courage, he chose to shine,
Sent to a land of druids and strife,
He brought hope and faith, and a new way of life.

His heart filled with grace, his spirit so bold,
He preached to the masses, both young and old,
The power of Christ, the message of peace,
His words echoed far, and his light would not cease.

With a staff in his hand, and a shamrock so green,
He shared the Trinity, a mystery unseen,
Through trials and hardships, he never lost sight,
Of his mission to spread, the Gospel’s light.


He blessed the land, with holy wells and springs,
And baptized the people, in the name of the King,
The snakes and the serpents, he banished away,
And brought forth a new era, of hope and new day.

So shall we recall, St. Patrick divine,
And honor his legacy, with faith and with rhyme,
Apostle of Ireland, his spirit lives on,
Guiding us to Christ, until the new dawn.

Apostle of Ireland, St. Patrick so true,
Your faith and your courage, inspire us anew,
With shamrocks and blessings, you led the way,
And we honor your memory, on this St. Patrick’s Day.

So let us raise our voices, in joyful praise,
Of St. Patrick, the Apostle, on this blessed day,
May his legacy live on, in our hearts and our deeds,
And lead us to the path, that our soul truly needs.
Apostle of Ireland, St. Patrick divine,
We thank you for your guidance, and your love so fine,
And we pray for your intercession, as we journey through life,
Until we reach the Eternal Land of no strife.

(Sr. Maria Miller)