Saint Michael – February 8, 2023

Spiritual Battle

(A message given to various visionaries on February 8, 2023 from Saint Michael the Archangel.)

There is a great battle between the angels and demons and between righteous and evil humans. Satan the devil is trying to pull the people of God away from His worship by way of corrupted religions, governments, and policies against believers.

Our Lord will be victorious in the end, but many whom you thought were by your side will fall to the ground during this battle. They will faint with fear and lose the battle because they have not strengthened their faith. Many will turn against you and will bring you to the courts of the world with false charges.

The heavens are crying out because the angels and saints are calling upon those who are faithful to the Father to come to the front lines of this great battle.

Mankind will continue growing in its hatred toward one another: race against race, tribe against tribe, husband against wife and sons and daughters murdering one another.

As long as mankind refuses to bow its knee to the Son of God, it will remain in chaos and the war will continue to take many who are confused because of Satan’s lies.

Follow the Son and you will come to understand the signs in the heavens, in space and in the sky above you. Strengthen your faith. Do not fear.

(February 8, 2023)