Apparition of March 2, 2023

The Blessed Mother Mary, during an apparition to the faithful before Mass in Uzbekistan, on 2 March 2023, accompanied by angels, said:

Since 1958, Vatican has been without a proper throne because Rome has been without a true pope. John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II and Benedict XVI were not true popes, regardless of the sentiments of the people who followed them. Neither is Francis a true pope, but instead is a heretic and all those who follow him are heretics. Francis and all those who hold to his cloak are noxious to the Lord.

True Catholics are those who follow the ancient church without modernism, the false teachings of Vatican II, and the innovations of false popes and bishops. It is this remnant, as small as it may be throughout the world, who make up the true Roman Catholic Church under the majesty of my Son, the King Jesus Christ.

The true Roman Catholic Church, especially the remnant guided by the Holy Spirit within the ecclesiastical jurisdiction of the Holy Family, continues to honour the King with the Tridentine, Traditional Latin Mass, which gives glory to the Holy Trinity. The New Catholic Church is modernist, anti-Christ, infiltrated with paganism, New Age and Masonic whoredom. Vatican and those under its control are without apostolic succession. They have turned their back on my Son, for their father is not God, but is the evil one.

My Son promised that His Church will never be overtaken by the gates of hell. This promise remains true, for the Father has a faithful flock scattered throughout all the nations of the world, some in plain sight and others who must worship God in their underground churches because of being persecuted by followers of satan and his false popes.

My Son will be triumphant and the Church will soon share in His glory. Members of the Holy Family will help raise the true Church of God in Christ Jesus up, for the glory of God. The true Roman Catholic Church is no longer in the hands of the devils in Rome, but is under the protection of the Holy Family, its earthly patriarch and his bishops and priests. The true Catholic Church belongs to Jesus Christ, to St. James the brother of the Lord and to Jerusalem, not to satan the devil and his cohorts. Anything that belongs to God is eternal and will always be glorious, but everything that belongs to the devil will decay and come to ruin, for the house of satan is full of sin, depraved people and everything that is an abomination.

Pray for the conversion of the wicked. Pray for their souls and the souls of all who have been misled by their false teachings.

Hold to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to my heart. Pray for the unborn. Pray the rosary daily. Pray for unity among true Traditional Catholics.