Apparition of January 17, 2023

When the church met together on the evening of the seventeenth of January, 2023, St. Michael the Archangel appeared before everyone present. This same message was given to two different congregations, one in Uzbekistan and the other in the United States.

St. Michael said:

“Peace be with all of you. The Blessed Mother promised to visit you again, and she comes now.”

After St. Michael said these words, there were many angels coming down and walking among the brothers and sisters and others who were visiting. Some of the members of the assembly who had infirmities were healed as the angels said, “Believe in the power of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the King of Israel.” And then the Blessed Mother appeared.

She said:

“Greetings my children. I told you that I would visit again, but some who did not see me before doubted in their minds and decided to no longer gather with you. My Son is aware of them and knows them by name. He knows they have caused disturbances among you. They are not part of your congregation, but instead were seeds planted by the evil one. They will not return here, for the Father has cast them out of His earthly garden; because of the disturbances they have caused, they shall stand before the angels and give an account of their wickedness, but they will not be able to stand before the light of the Presence of God. But you, my children, have proven to be faithful, even through persecution and through all this agitation that has been stirred up by the evil one. Because of your faithfulness, you shall be blessed.

Now I shall give you instructions for a spiritual community of the Church in the west which we have spoken of before – the church established for the believers in the western lands who have the desire to worship in the older traditional liturgy of Rome, without the chains of Rome. This church will offer a door of light for those who have become free from the wicked institution which occupies the throne of the false apostle.

The Church is the property of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, which is the one Godhead ruling from the heavens above. In the early times of the remaining members of the house of the holy family, the Church of Jerusalem was taken from their hands. They were replaced by gentiles who did not know the Father and who did not follow the true Lord, but instead followed men who had been appointed by the false apostle. Those gentiles were never part of the true church, thus it can not be said of them that there is no difference between Jews and gentiles, for the majority of the house of Rome at that time was never grafted into the Blessed Vine. The Church of Jerusalem, known in the western lands as the Ancient Catholic Church of Jerusalem, shall be guided by a member of our family. The Holy Council in Israel was guided by the Spirit to appoint him to serve the Church under the Patriarch Seraphim of our family. Other bishops, priests, deacons and others will be appointed as they are called by the Spirit when they are needed. It is only required that patriarchs and bishops be from the holy family. Do not set aside the will of your Father who is in heaven.

Do not neglect the attendance of the celebration of Holy Mass. The Mass is to be celebrated daily by a priest. If you are not able to attend daily, attend at least when you are able. If you can not attend physically because of sickness or due to a great distance, you should receive spiritual communion as my Son and innumerable angels will be present with you.

In your various forms of worship and personal devotions, you have had instructions given to you concerning rosaries, prayer ropes, novenas, and various other sacramentals. I have spoken of the rosary many times to many different peoples of the earth. You should not neglect to pray the rosary. It is a blessed sacramental of the Church and it should be cherished as a precious treasure. In a similar manner, do not neglect regular adoration of the Blessed Presence, the use of blessed candles, blessed salt, holy water, prayer books, icons and holy cards. Do not neglect the use of any of these. Most were in use among the early believers. The leadership from the holy family will assist you in the traditions and other sacramentals. They have not lost the ancient practices, but they were suppressed by the Romans and Greeks who saw them as being too Jewish. Learn everything that you are able because the times of persecution are going to be so intense that you will need these sacramentals to serve as refreshing waters for you. Keep all of these treasures with you. Remember how to use them effectively in order to bless yourself and others.

Again, my children, a great persecution is coming upon the world. In fact, some brethren have already been experiencing it; the wicked one has been crawling on the soil like a great serpent for more than sixty years in Christendom and the cults that have sprung forth from its wounded veins. That serpent has fully infiltrated the capital of the cult of Rome, causing much harm to humanity throughout the world. For many years Rome has been involved with communist governments, drug cartels, human trafficking rings, and various other disgusting crimes. Many false popes have been appointed, not by the Holy Spirit, but by human governments and high ranking criminals. Its house is crumbling as its wickedness continues to be exposed. Popes, cardinals, bishops, priests and various others have fallen into the pit, and they continue to fall. Soon their den of wolves and unclean birds will sink into oblivion and burn in the depths of hell. Their false leaders have marked themselves with the name of the one evil one who leads them to the path of destruction. Their names are known by the angels and saints. Many of these reject the light of God even in death. Instead of walking in their path of wickedness, rebuild the walls and restore the faith under the holy family of the Lord.

In the world of wickedness, there are evil beings that surround the Holy Church seeking to destroy it, but as my Son promised, the gates of hell will not prevail over the Father’s house. Remain on guard, but also remember that the blessed angels and saints are always with the faithful children of God. The angels and saints serve as guiding lights for your feet on the Lord’s path of righteousness. With the Holy Spirit, they will help you recall the words of wisdom from the scriptures and the other Pillars that have been taught to you.

Cultivate faith in the promises of your Father who is in heaven. Strengthen yourself with the Word of God. Walk in the true light from the true God.”

After the Blessed Mother concluded her words, she and St. Michael ascended along with a myriad of angels. The assembly was overjoyed and continued to speak on the subject, even as this account is being written.