Missions and Apostolates

Missions and Parishes

  • Jesus and Mary Tridentine Catholic Community (Fr. Matthew)
  • Lumbee Catholic Church (Br. Joel)
  • Native American Traditional Catholic Church Mission (Br. Joel)


  • Apostolate of Prayer for our Priests (Diocesan Hermit Sr. Maria)
  • St. Expeditus Hermitage (Diocesan Hermit Br. Dennis)

Transitioning, Particular and Regional Communities

A transitioning community is a parish, mission or other institute that is in the process of transitioning to the Latin Rite from another rite or jurisdiction. One example is a Novus Ordo church that is gradually dropping the “new mass” in favor of the Traditional Mass. Such communities are given a period of time in which they are expected to fully transition. This is typically up to three years, but may be extended by the bishop. “Particular” and “regional” communities are similar to those of transitioning communities, but they are permitted to retain their particular rite with certain adjustments if necessary. A regional community may also have certain observances and cultural practices that are unique to their geographic location or culture which are celebrated within the framework of the Traditional Latin Mass.

  • Old Rite Russian Church
  • Our Lady of Grace Shrine
  • Serbian Orthodox Community